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How To Use Music Player

Hello everyone, As you know from Royal Ui we provide a music player that can add your .mp3 music to your blog.

Song Poster
Alan Walker

How to add?

<div align="center">
<div class="player-STLH">
<div class="cover-PS">
<img alt="Song Poster" src="add_image_here" title="title_here">
<div class="info-MS">
<div class="title-MS">song_title_here</div>
<div class="singer-MS">creator_name_here</div>
<div class="volume-box">
<span class="volume-down"><i class="material-icons">remove</i></span>
<input type="range" class="volume-range" step="1" value="80" min="0" max="100"
oninput="music.volume = this.value/100">
<span class="volume-up"><i class="material-icons">add</i></span>
<div class="btn-box">
<i class="material-icons repeat" onclick="handleRepeat()">repeat</i>
<i class="material-icons favorite active" onclick="handleFavorite()">favorite</i>
<i class="material-icons volume" onclick="handleVolume()">volume_up</i>

<div class="music-box">
<input type="range" step="1" class="seekbar" value="0" min="0" max="100" oninput="handleSeekBar()">

<audio class="music-element">
<source src="song_src_here">
<span class="current-time">0:0</span><span class="duration">0:0</span>
<span class="play" onclick="handlePlay()">
<i class="material-icons">play_arrow</i>
<link rel='stylesheet' href=''>

Don't forget to replace hilighted parts

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