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Limitation of Blogpost blog - Complete list

 Limitation of Blogpost blog - Complete list

Limitation of Blogpost blog Complete list - Today i am share a list of Blogspot blogger limits. We know, blogspot is free blogging flatform. Blogspot give us some awesome features for free. But not enough. Google Blogger try to give us a lot of room to play here on Blogger, so you'll see that a lot of the important "limits" here aren't really very limiting. But just in case you were wondering, here is some information about what a single Blogger account will hold.

Blogspot is a powerful and most popular CMS and absolutely free blogging platform you know. Blogger is a easiest blogging platform ever. A newbie blogger easily can develop a free blog website without any coding knowledge. Because blogger is best for customize. Blogger support adding custom blogger templates  for easy customization. That's why a newbie blogger can easily can customize his/her blog.

Day by day blogger increasing their features. Today i am share, what is limitation of a account? Maximum newbie blogger do not know that, what is limitation of every blogspot blogger. Every blogger's must know about blogger's limitation. If you know about blogspot blogger limitation, then it will be easy for you. Now lets discuss about blogger limitation. 

1. Limitation Blogger Account

  • Total Blogs: 100 per account
  • Long info "about me" (on account profile page blogger): 1200 characters
  • Info Hobbies and passions length: 2000 characters
  • Blog which were followed maximum amount per account: 300 Blog
  • The width of the image was uploaded through the post editor: 1600px maximum. That broader picture can still be uploaded but then automatically resize (scaled down) to 1600px
  • The width of the image that was uploaded through the Template Designer (background): No restrictions
  • Pictures by heavy file size:
  • Images are uploaded through the post editor: 8 MB
  • Images are uploaded through the Template Designer (background): 300 Kb
  • Pictures uploaded via mobile devices: 250 Kb
  • Image hosting capacity (in Blogger through a partnership with Picasa Web Albums): 4 GB per account.
  • Bandwidth hosting images: No restrictions.

2. Limitation Blog

  • Length of title / name of the blog: 90 characters
  • Long subdomain name ( 37 characters
  • Long blog description (the description on the header): 500 characters
  • The number of members per blog: 100 people
  • The number of blog readers (for personal blogs): 100 people
  • Number of posts: No restrictions.
  • Number of posts displayed on pages list posting (homepage, label, archive) is determined by the choices on Settings> Formatting> Show at most. If the chosen day (day), then the maximum limit on a single page display is 1 MB.
  • Number of labels: 5000 pieces per blog unique label

3. Limitation Post

  • The length of each post: No restrictions
  • Weight file for each post: There is no limit, however, as already mentioned above, the file post more than 1 MB may cause parts above 1 MB is displayed on the next page (multiple pages for one post).
  • The number of labels per post: 20 unique label.
  • Number of comments per post: No restrictions
  • Posting the file name length (file name on the back post url): 39 characters

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